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Working Professionals

I have worked with many corporate officers, self-made entrepreneurs, rising executives and the like, and they know they have to stay and look young, vibrant, secure their health, endure…

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Sports Performance

So, what is in it for you as an athlete (or the ones in your household) seeking sports performance enhancement?
Because I was a D1 athlete, a Captain, and desperately…

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Aesthetic Enhancement

I am surprised at the counterproductive programming, biochemistry, and nutrition that many competitors are using upon our initial consultation and still producing a good resultant body…

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I have extensive experience with a wide array of clients whom I deem Misfits as I also consider myself to be. The nickname, Misfits is an endearing label, never a disparaging one.
Progressive MS, eating disorders…

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Client’s Spotlight: Matt Carey

Matt Carey, LIFETIME drug-free natural bodybuilder won the Middleweight class in the NPC METROPOLITAN Bodybuilding Championships in NYC. a non-tested show; quite an accomplishment! This was a prep for a bigger natural pro show in 3 weeks in Albany.

That’s a father of three with a travelling sales career who can balance family career and his passion for this sport w/ class and grace. And the 500×8 deads and full squats have something to do with this!

Taking no prisoners in 3 weeks. Sole survivor.

Jim Quinn
CSCS/former IFBB pro