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Testimonial – Richard Nuzzolese

Those who wish to compete are part of a fitness fraternity that I am very familiar with. After my football career ended, I decide to enter the world of body building, eventually becoming an IFBB Pro. However, as I trained and competed, I also made some crucial mistakes that I don’t allow other competitors to make. I can see things others don’t and with the commitment of the competitor, I can get you to your best body composition, presentation and maximize your genetic potential. And included here are those who want the trophy body with an inkling to step on stage, or possibly start fitness modeling.

The three-fold attack (weight, cardio training and nutrition) here is based on the specific client’s genetics, current body composition, Blood Type (for pre-contest diet only) and any asymmetry that is evident. We also cater their training around each client’s personal and professional lives. Old-school bodypart splitting coupled with varied intensity cardio/conditioning and individualized, supportive nutrition have reaped phenomenal results/rewards with those I have mentored in this fitness fraternity.

While one-on-one training and program discussion is optimal, I am also available for long distance consultations via phone calls or Skype for ongoing monitoring. I have shown with my current clients that I can do this much more effectively for others than I did for myself which is quite common among Pros. We can be our own worst enemies. My best presentation by far was when I left my IFBB pro debut to Billy Smith, American Gladiator Thunder, to resolve. Billy helped me achieve my potential as he did fellow training partner Lou Ferrigno.

Competitors will see a benefit in a short amount of time once we upgrade nutrition and overhaul conditioning practices for both contest prep and offseason. My facilities have EVERY piece of equipment by the best manufacturers, hand-picked providing optimal, varied movement patterns and loading is safely and conveniently accessed. I also have a wide variety of elite cardio/conditioning machines available. It took me over three years to compile what I believe to be the best equipment available for for my clients and I am picky.

Pictured above is my client, friend Matt Carey. He is one of those rare persons who seems to get more done in one day then many do in a week…and with a smile, grace and never seemingly to be impressed with it himself! I am. Three kids, great dad, partner to his wife, family member, and one of the most impressive natural for life bodybuilders in the world.

Let’s get you your best body composition, presentation, muscle retention running on all cylinders, nearing genetic potential whehter offseason or pre-contest or if you just want to look the part!