I have extensive experience with a wide array of clients whom I deem Misfits as I also consider myself to be (that explained below). The nickname, Misfits is an endearing label, never a disparaging one. These clients struggle to keep a consistent exercise and nutritional program becuase of reasons such as progressive MS, eating disorders, AIDS, diabetic, post-surgery recovery, skeletal and metabolic disorders, post-stroke, just to name a few.

This segment has become some of the most challenging, yet most rewarding. work I have been fortunate to receive. I frequently rely on a few trusted medical professionals as needed when I feel it is a bit over my head such as Internists, orthopedists, Registered Dieticians to get them the additional help they need sometimes before ANY training is even considered.

However, there are many others that ‘fit” in this group with whom I have trained with compassion and understanding such as:
Those that do not feel like they fit into those ‘Big Box” chain fitness clubs.
You are welcome here and my extensive experience tells me we can fit you in!

Drastic weight loss/ body composition transformation (I’ve had several clients lose over 100 lbs. )
Stay at home parents- Spend a few hours weekly getting healthy & doing something for yourself
Pre-adolescent & adolescent obesity- A growing problem in this country. Long gone are the days of children playing outside all day, instead replaced with electronic technology
Those who have NEVER stepped foot in a gym and don’t know where to start

And my last group of Misfits IS A BIG ONE. I first became obsessed with functional anatomy upon training two clients that had paralysis, unilaterally (affecting one side). One caused by MS and the other post-stroke. Their assymetry was quite evident. Forcing me to diagnosis it in athletes, general public, clients in general was less so. Yet, I perservered and now have a significant understanding and experience in diagnosing these symptoms and altering ANY training and corrective STRETCHING, realinging in all those suffering from it. It is why mnay people discontinue any training regimen…it is too painful. What causes it? Rarely genetic, it stems from atrophy from inactivity, a sedentary life, one-side dominant athetes, casting at an early age, occasionally a catastrophic injury, and surely pre-pubscent growth plate injuries!! And the last one is now HUGELY common with young athletes.

Pictured above is Simone C., a brother of a neighbor who I helped lose over 100 pounds herself with buying into to my three-fold programming. Simone saw his sister’s results and both were hoping I could help his as well. We trained together for a few sessions and I set him up with a nutritional plan to get his started. With the guidance I gave him, he went on to lose almost 250 lbs. Simone had the will, he just needed a knowledgeable person to show him the way. I never take credit for success stories knowing the true work is done by the client and their discipline when it comes to supportive nutrition and completing prescribed cardio which are tough.

Understanding how food, carb addiction and simple sugars affect the body and having compassion for how difficult it can seem to change eating habits is something I pride myself on. It is the combination of making realistic changes in eating and designing an exercise program that works for you that will help you make a lifestyle change and not feel like it is a short term idet. While shows like The Biggest Loser promote the antithesis of my training (let’s be real, no one is able to maintain working out 8 hours a day while only consuming 800-1200 calories daily) we have so much more information to help those that need drastic body composition transformation. I will always push you yet there won’t be any screaming in your face or having you fall from cardiovascular machines. Metabolic training consisting of lighter loads, quicker rest periods, onus on calorie expenditure. The majority of my service and success is contingent on prescribed diet and CV exercise done outside of our sessions.