Inexpensive Metabolic HIIT implementInexpensive Metabolic HIIT implement

Inexpensive Metabolic HIIT implement

Tire retailers give these away, happy to. We have a 180 ft incline driveway which makes tire flips interesting. junkyard, yet fully functional and fun. We have an appropriate one for our 8 year old as well. Use a pronated, clean grip. The knucklehead that started the on-the-floor supinated grip might be the same who is still doing behind the neck presses!!

Dumbbell Lateral AlternativeDumbbell Lateral Alternative

Dumbbell Lateral Alternative

A movement that came out of PT and orthopedic assessment for impingement, referred to as a scaption. try to find the longer rope version… it allows for more lateral, less anterior deltoid head engagement!

Unilateral Leg PressUnilateral Leg Press

Unilateral Leg Press

One of the best postural restoration movements with those with Leg Dominance, pelvic tilt and/or rotation and works great in Athletic performance programming as well as with those wanting an aesthetic improvement as an intended adaptation..

A Non-Static Version of a PlankA Non-Static Version of a Plank

A Non-Static Version of a Plank

Joe Nutt, recent teenage bodybuilding champion via some of our pre-contest prep putting some dynamic aspect to a traditional plank…in our orange county ny garage gym Aesthetic athletes train here, combing performance and our nutrition and conditioning to a combo CSCS strength coach and former IFBB pro-style training and  One class act this young man is, respectful and relentless…he will be heard from again soon.

Dumbbell Pushups RevisitedDumbbell Pushups Revisited

Dumbbell Pushups Revisited

This is a client  in our garage gym in Orange County performing dbell pushups, elevated, great plank, a great adjunct, variation to barbell dbell presses, hammer, all the compound movements, work it into a CIRCUIT metabolically, flat bench dbell incline, dbell pushups and fourth a fly movement.  PS add a weighted vest, wrap a long band around torso and a  large dbell underneath sternum for an added implement of resistance.

BM standing uni Hammer Incline pressBM standing uni Hammer Incline press

BM standing uni Hammer Incline press

a mimic of a friends movement using a hammer unilateral incline for a unilateral standing military press squared base of course..thanks Capriese M. at Steel Gym NYC yes the former IFBB pro now Physique competitor. for more nyc hardcore, scientific-based CSCS/former IFBB pro-level training

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