10 Commandments

The 10 Commandments of Personal Trainers

Commandment No. 1:

Thou shall not talk on cell phone, use Blackberry, watch
TV monitors, and sit on butt during a client’s personal training
session. It is the client’s hour- their tardiness, socializing in
conversation with other members, clients is their privilege, not yours.

Commandment No. 2:

Thou shall counsel and instruct client’s diet before
starting any exercise program. Before any weight training, personally
formulate a target heart rate to optimally burn fat during any cardiovascular
activity per the client’s age and current aerobic condition.

Commandment No. 3:

Thou shall take personally ANYTHING that is said and done
by and between both parties. All conversation and information exchanged
is confidential. That’s why it’s called personal training.
Performed correctly and professionally, the trainer takes client’s
results, self-esteem, appearance and contentment with their service VERY

Commandment No. 4:

Thou shall not work uncertified (including current CPR/AED
qualified), uninsured and unprepared.

Commandment No. 5:

If necessary, thou shall refer clients to a qualified
medical professional that is respected and trusted. Trainers are not masseuses,
physical therapists, chiropractors, doctors, nor orthopedists. Do not
impersonate one!

Commandment No. 6:

Thou shall always look the part and profess the lifestyle.
Be a lean, strong, healthy, enthusiastic, passionate fitness role model
for your clients.

Commandment No. 7:

Thou shall use scientific principles in a safe programming
protocol. Failure to keep complete written training records of your client’s
efforts for every session is unacceptable.

Commandment No. 8:

Thou shall initially and routinely test body fat and reassess
strength training results to assure progression. If results are sub-optimal,
figure it out and correct it. Furthermore, trainer should strive to elicit
an aesthetic and/or performance -related improvement every session. Mimicking,
maintaining, and repeating twice consecutively the same workout, etc.
are unacceptable, non-progressive and lazy.

Commandment No. 9:

Thou shall, at a minimum, prescreen clients with vitals
(blood pressure, resting heart rate), a medical questionnaire and more
importantly, current body fat percentage to qualify their readiness to

Commandment No. 10:

Thou shall have a contract with policies that protect
and clearly instruct both parties what to expect during the term of this
collaboration together.

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