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Unsolicited Testimonials

Some positive feedback by a physician from across the world via as it was originally intended as I have always said “learn from my mistakes” and “don’t believe the hype!” – Jim Quinn

Dear Mr Quinn,

I’m Antonio Fragasso, an italian physician. I work in Padua, near Venice in a university hospital in nephrology and dyalisis and I am member of Italian Federation of Medicine Sport.

I want to congratulate to you for your site (it is well done and very interesting about your sport activities and private life) especially about the chapter “my responsibility”.

In this chapter there is the true statement about doping in bodybuilding from a real sport champion.
In my work I met some young athletes using anabolic steroid. It is very difficult for a physician persuade these boys to not use these drugs. They think I exaggerate side effects so often they do not trust in me about this problem.
I was very worried about their health because they used regularly these drugs and they did not want to stop it.
I tried several times to persuade them with words, scientific literature and my experience. But I failed. I did not know what to do.

One day I came to your site (i was seeking for depression linked to anabolic steroids) and I red your chapter “my responsibility”. I found it very interesting because it is the real testimony of a bodybuilder who used it. It is a rare thing to find an sportsman that declare that he used it. Honesty and sincerity of those words hit me very much.

So I had the idea to tell to these young boys to read the site and the chapter. They were very impressed by those words, side effects, joints damage, bones surgery, spinal surgery. They were impressed by the low weight that you lift now without steroids.
Those words were not in a book or scientific paper. Those words were pronounced by a champion. They trusted them immediately! Now I am sure they stop used anabolic steroid.

Your example should be known by everyone wants to use these drugs.
I want to thank you because it was possible only reading your words.

Your testimony saved the lives and health of those boys.

Mankind needs man like you.

Thank you Mr Quinn
A.F., M.D.

“Internationally recognized PhD health expert, getting great results with new programming nutrition upgrade and effective cardio.

A cherry added atop a sundae… His schedule only allows for one session per week- and we are making big changes already!”

Jim Quinn

“You are an awesome friend and trainer. You are in my opinion the best in the business.

I first saw Jim Quinn’s picture after he won the IFBB North American. As a bodybuilder since 1987 and a competitive powerlifter since 1998, I knew that his look was one that I was going to try to achieve both in size and condition. His physique to me is a perfect example of what a bodybuilder should be.

After a 10 year hiatus I returned to bodybuilding. I looked up Jim and asked for his help and I finally got to meet Jim on June 28, 2012. Meeting him was both inspirational and educational. His knowledge about the sport, diet, and training are unsurpassable.

Following his advice during my comeback season has helped me reach my greatest potential. Now in the offseason, I am looking forward to working with Jim to prepare for 2013 and see what he can transform me into.”

Steve Adzima
Unsolicited email from Steve Adzima
NJ Fireman. Bodybuilder
Recent Diet and strength training Programming client

Bryan McCalister

“Jim Quinn has changed my body. When I met Jim, I weighed 180 lbs. and had 14% body fat. After training with Jim, I weighed 225 lbs. and had 6 1/2% body fat.

Jim showed me that with proper weight training, and a strict cardio, and diet program my body could change.

I feel so grateful to have been able to have Jim train me. Having a professional bodybuilder show me how to work out and get real results, is such a gift.

I will forever be thankful that I met and was trained by Jim Quinn.”

Dan Tyler

“Jim, your knowledge and expertise has been priceless. I am so glad we started training. It has truly made a difference.”

Selene P.

–>Biggest Loser is a misnomer~this is a Huge Bodyfat Loser! This on a couple of heart to heart consults and education on diet and fat burning cardio protocol. He added the relentless discipline. His reward?<–

“In total, I’ve lost 174 lbs from my all time high! All the best and I truly appreciate the help you gave me in becoming a healthy person and being able to start enjoying life again.”

Simone C.

“Thanks again for meeting with me. I’m overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge I’ve obtained from just two meetings and can’t thank you enough; I’m glad Matt put me on to that. Do not know if its psychosomatic but I’m stocking up on the plums! Unbelievable.”


“I met Jim by chance about 6 months ago at a local park where we both had taken out kids. He’s a big guy so he stands out right away, and I recognized him from the bodybuilding magazines during his heyday. I introduced myself and we got to talking. In fact we spoke for about 45 minutes about bodybuilding, sports, kids, and what struck me was what a genuinely nice, down to earth guy Jim was. I knew right away he was someone I wanted to work with and could help me compete with top level natural pro bodybuilders.

Jim is the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever met about nutrition and training, and how to tailor a program that works best for individuals. He was able to quickly digest my previous pre-contest training and nutrition plans and make several changes that made a big difference.

During the time I worked with Jim, he consistently went out of his way to do more than what was expected, and I can call him a friend now. With Jim’s help, I was able to raise the bar and bring my physique to a new level.
It was truly an awesome experience!”
Matt Carey
2010 IFPA Gaspari Pro Lighweight Champion


“As a Semi Pro, Mixted Martial Arts Fighter, I have come in contact with many individuals in the sports world of strength training, and conditioning as it relates to Martial Arts. Upon deciding to increase both my weight and overall strength, I proceeded to research several trainers in New York and the one name that came up over and over, from gym to gym and even among some of the trainers I spoke to….was “Jim Quinn”.

He has built a name and reputation in his field and the health industry as not only an accomplished body builder, but a truly remarkable man! His vast knowledge, experience and ability is UNSURPASSED by any one I have met in his field.

If you have a goal or even the desire to change your body, your mind, your life, one session with this gifted individual will truly open your eyes to what potential lies beneath.

Jim is a man that can and will influence you to excel in not just your desire to change your body, but to change the way you look at life! “Thank you Jim, for your amazing insight and the experience of working with you. You brought so much clarity to me and my challenges both physically and personally!”
Ju Jitsu Black Belt


I had heard nothing but great things about you and you’ve been so helpful to me. I am doing the program you outlined – I love it. I’m on the 3rd mesocycle and I love the mini-cycles. Keeps you moving so you don’t get stagnant and bored on the same workout and rep/range.
Thank you so much for your wisdom and expertise.. it’s helped me immensely!”

Valarie Kelly
Competitive female bodybuilder

“As a physically challenged client of Jim Quinn’s, I was impressed by his patience and kindness. He is an expert in his field with a wide range of knowledge about exercise equipment, human physiology, diet and nutrition, vitamins and supplements. For someone who has reached the heights he has in the body building industry, he is easily approachable, self effacing, always ready to share his expertise.

Jim’s enthusiasm and positive, upbeat attitude brought out my best. He gave me his complete attention during each full session. I looked forward to seeing him each session, and would still be working with him if I hadn’t had unrelated injuries which prevented me from doing so. We are both animal lovers, and it was our rescued dogs who initially introduced us, and then I found out who he was!”

Jennifer Carter