Working Professionals

Working Professionals 
Finding the balance between career, family and taking care of themselves.

Over the years, I have worked with corporate officers, self-made entrepreneurs, rising executives, media professionals, bankers, lawyers, and so many more that strive be as efficient with their health and fitness as they are with their careers.
While it can be a challenge to stay active with a busy schedule, I cater to your availability with a doable, quick, efficent training program and supportive nutrition upgrade after the initial assessment. Eating on the run on the road, in hotels, on planes, at business dinners or going out for business drinks are all realities of certain careers but I can help with your combined effort. Whether it’s looking great in business wear, being an active parent and role model to their family, keeping their edge as they mature in a competitive corporate environment or justimprove overall health to manage all these things, I will always keeep things fun, varied and continuously pushing your limit in the quickest and safest way possible. As a 52 year old fitness professional and father of a VERY active 7 year old son, I know where you’re coming from.

SAID-And acronym applied to our aesthetic/athletic training. there has to be a Specifc Adapation for every Intended (Imposed) Demand or an expected, intended change aesthetically and athletically with every movement, drill, minute of cardio or conditioning, set and rep we will do. Limited time means efficiency over repetition and mundane volume. As a client said to me during a training session, “there is NOTHING random about your training…everything else done in here (in that facility) is random”. It’s your time and your investment, and I take your results very personally. Your reflection and performance are my responsibility.

Deirdre Quinn, Jim’s wife, builds speed and agility while having fun!