Testosterone cypionate cycle info: Solo Product Cycle, Combined Cycle with other steroids, Post Cycle Thepary, Cycle for Ladies

Testosterone cypionate cycle info: Solo Product Cycle, Combined Cycle with other steroids, Post Cycle Thepary, Cycle for Ladies

Testosterone Cypionate Cycles

Testosterone Cypionate or Test Cyp cycles are flexible, versatile, and interchangeable. Testosterone itself is a versatile anabolic steroid loaded with essential functions and features needed in a steroid cycle. Seasoned users are well-aware that Testosterone is the base of any kind of steroid cycle program. Generally, Testosterone Cyp is compatible and stackable with every kind of anabolic steroid.

There is a small exception to consider when stacking with esterified testosterone variants. It works better with anabolic steroids having the same release rate and half-lives. For example, Testosterone Cypionate is too well-matched with Trenbolone Enanthate than with Tren Acetate. 

Test Cyp can be used with Tren Acetate but the problem here is the half-life of the former is 12 days and that of the latter is 3 days. It can cause inconvenience while planning a stacking cycle. On the other hand, Testosterone Cyp and Trenbolone Enanthate possess almost the same half-life, so the scheduling of injectables is more convenient. 

Test Cyp cycles
Test Cyp vials for cycles

Variables to consider while planning a cycle

Half-life & kick-in

Testosterone Cypionate is used in both bulking and cutting cycles. You must be aware of the half-life and kick-in time of this injection. The half-life of Test C is 12 days, so the user will need to get injected once a week. Therefore, it will need an extended cycle of around 10 to 12 weeks. Because of the length of time taken to achieve the ideal peak and steady blood plasma level the kick-in period to experience strength gains and physique changes will need four to six weeks, during the cycle. 

Muscles are crucial for weight lifters and bodybuilders. Testosterone causes nitrogen retention in the muscles that increase protein storage. Protein is crucial for muscle growth. Besides, testosterone protects the body from Glucocorticoid hormone that destroys the muscle by binding with Androgen receptors. Thus, it helps in muscle gain as well as fat loss. 

Creatine is crucial for ATP [Adenosine Triphosphate] that supplies muscles the energy. When muscles get stimulated during workouts the ATP gets broken into ADP [Adenosine Diphosphate] that releases energy. It is a slow process, which gets increased with Testosterone Cypionate injections to meet the ATP demand during intense workout or training sessions. 

How to encounter side effects?

Testosterone Cypionate is safe and well-tolerated but some side effects can be easily controlled. You need to be aware of them before you design a cutting or bulking cycle program.

  • Estrogenic – Natural testosterone imbalance triggers gynecomastia, blood pressure increase, and water retention. If you feel any of the above when you are on Test Cyp cycle have inhibitors like Nolvadex or Clomid on hand.
  • Androgenic – Side effects depend on genetics, steroid cycle length, and dosage level. Androgenic side effects are oily skin, acne breakout, and hair loss. To decrease these effects ancillary drugs are Dutasteride or Proscar.
  • Cardiovascular – Users can combat the risk of bad cholesterol increase and cardiovascular strain by avoiding highly saturated fatty food and adding cardiovascular routines in their daily workout sessions. It will help to maintain a healthy heart and low cholesterol.
  • Testosterone – As you administer Test Cyp. injections the body’s natural testosterone production gets suppressed. It will not shut down completely but there is a possibility if the cycle length is beyond limits. Besides, Post Cycle Therapy [PCT] has to be adhered to properly. It will help to regain natural testosterone production like it was before the start of a steroid cycle. 
  • Hepa-toxicity – As Test Cyp does not pass the liver there is no risk of liver toxicity or damage. 

Beginner’s solo-cycle of Testosterone Cypionate [for bulking & cutting]

From week 1 to 12 

  • Testosterone Cyp – 300 to 500 mg/week
Week:Testosterone Cyp, mg

A solo cycle allows the beginner to monitor their response to this basic anabolic steroid before they add another steroid. 

Intermediate Testosterone Cyp Cycle [for bulking & cutting]

From week 1 to 12 

  • Testosterone Cyp – 500 mg per week
  • Nandrolone Decanoate or Deca – 400 mg per week

From week 1 to 4

  • Dianabol – 25 mg per day
Week:Testosterone Cyp, mgDeca mgDianabol mg per day
Total:6000 mg.4800 mg.700 mg.

Experienced Testosterone Cyp Cycle

From week 1 to 12

  • Testosterone Cyp – 500 mg weekly
  • Trenbolone Enanthate – 600 mg weekly
Week:Testosterone Cyp, mgTrenbolone Enanthate mg
Total:6000 mg.7200 mg.

Seasoned users get tempted to increase their dosage level to escalate the gains but it will simultaneously escalate androgenic and estrogenic effects, which are unworthy. No one desires to compromise their health for extra gain. 

Post Cycle Therapy is a MUST after the steroid cycle

testosterone cypionate pct
Bodybuilders Do PCT After Cypionate Testosterone Cycle

After completing the steroid cycle, it is essential to plan a post cycle therapy [PCT]. The body needs time to regain and recharge before starting the nest cycle. Start a PCT within 2 to 3 days after the last injection.

For 3 to 6 weeks

  • Nolvadex or Clomid 

If you feel tired after four weeks continue the PCT cycle. Never neglect your training and diet during PCT because it also helps in the recovery process. 

Female Testosterone Cyp dosage

Because the androgenic side effects of Testosterone Cypionate are strong very few women use it. It is therefore not a recommended steroid for females. 

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