Testosterone cypionate reddit

Testosterone cypionate reddit

My Story of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Since my mid-twenties I have been struggling with anxiety disorder, depression, and low self-esteem. I worked very hard to beat it. For 3 consecutive years I committedly had cognitive behavioral therapy and for two years hypnotherapy. I even did a lot of online research about my condition. These things helped me to overcome the fear but with Testosterone Replacement Therapy I have experienced a zest for life and an increase in energy levels. 

At the age of 40, TRT has made me feel more comfortable, more controlled, and strong than ever before in my life. As soon as I started TRT, the first change that I strongly experienced is the increase in my self-esteem. My body language changed and I walk with confidence. 

Testosterone cypionate reddit
Testosterone Replacement Therapy helps athletes

I feel normal again as the fatigue of the last 15 years has vanished. Problems and stressors don’t frustrate me as I can handle them with calmness. I was not an outdoor person but I am happy to go for a walk daily. My muscles are firm and I don’t slouch. My bedroom performance has improved. 

Now I feel frustrated at the doctor that prescribed antidepressants all those years. If low testosterone was my issue then their ignorance all these years seems frustrating. It has impacted my life quality for the last decade. Fortunately, today I am a great person, husband, lover, and father. My mind is clear and I feel excited and energetic. 

I want to conclude by saying that I am very happy to feel alive again and everything is moving smoothly. The TRT treatment saved me from darkness and united me with my manly spirit.        

Most older men do not need testosterone replacement therapy

The American College of Physicians (ACP) has issued guidelines for testosterone replacement therapy in men with age-related low hormone levels. The guidelines have been approved by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).

As stated in the document, a gradual, age-related decline in serum testosterone levels begins in men at the age of 30. Subsequently, the level of the hormone decreases by an average of 1.6% per year. However, there is still no defined threshold below which symptoms of testosterone deficiency and adverse health effects are observed.

The main provisions of the document:

  • Physicians should discuss with the patient the initiation of testosterone therapy when the hormone levels are low for age, sexual dysfunction is present, and the patient wishes to improve it.
  • Testosterone is not recommended for other non-specific symptoms of aging: to improve energy, vitality, physical or cognitive function.
  • Doctors should reevaluate symptoms within 12 months after testosterone is prescribed. Treatment should be discontinued if there is no improvement in sexual function.
  • Consideration should be given to the possibility of intramuscular rather than transdermal testosterone administration, since the costs of intramuscular therapy are much lower, and the clinical efficacy and harm are similar.

The document states that in most studies, patients were followed up for 12 months or less. Therefore, long-term conclusions about the dangers and benefits of testosterone treatment are unknown. The experts also noted the lack of evidence on the effect of testosterone on mortality.


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